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A chance remark from a mother to her daughter resulted in a wonderful invitation to members of our Guild. That remark was along the lines of “I wonder if anyone will invite us to a ‘Seniors Luncheon’ when we’re too old to continue this service ourselves”!

As is the situation in many areas around Australia, the average age of our group keeps creeping up with the oldest member approaching 90 and others, in, or approaching their eighties. Younger members of the congregation work, have other commitments, or don’t feel the need to join a more formal group. So we grow older, slower and tire more quickly – hence the idle wondering about what will be available to us in our future.

“The daughter” in this story, who worships at a nearby Lutheran Church, obviously thought about it and raised it with her group of next generation women. The result was an invitation to the Immanuel Women’s Guild, and any helpers, who assist with our quarterly communion service and luncheon for the elderly and infirm in our wider congregation/contacts circle. Attendance is by invitation, with transport provided as needed, and a “sit-down” lunch is prepared for 40 people. Those who come along are very appreciative of the acknowledgment of their desire to socialise, as much as it is for the wholesome meal, home-made cakes and Pastoral contact (although they do love those cakes!).

A surprise invitation was extended and, earlier this month (March), nine of our number travelled to the Tuggeranong Good Shepherd Church where tables were set up in the spacious foyer, all looking very inviting. After a warm welcome from Di Jurd, on behalf of the Tuggeranong ladies, and a heartfelt response from Julie Mangelsdorf, a wonderful hot lunch of corned beef with white sauce and vegetables of many varieties (some from their own gardens) was greatly enjoyed. As were the sweets, cakes and many extras provided. One of those “extras” was a packet of goodies, prettily wrapped in cellophane, for each guest and for those who were unable to attend on the day. Evidently, the china we ate from was bought many years earlier with funds given to their congregation by our women’s guild to help set up their kitchen when the church was first built.

The sun shone, the company was great, the food was fabulous, as it always seems to be when prepared and served by others! We certainly appreciated the Tuggeranong ladies thinking of us, serving us, preparing such lovely food and the thought put into the whole event – not to mention the hours of preparation and cleaning up. We thank God for this group of women dedicatedly working in his service for the benefit of others. It was certainly our pleasure to be part of their service on that wonderful day!

Meryl Packer

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