“God opened a way for me!”

Through ALWS, Lutheran women from Australia reach out to touch the lives of women in some of the world’s poorest countries. Angok Kongor, from South Sudan, shares how God has used your kindness in training her in cooking and business to open a way through all the challenges she has faced …

Angok Kongor, from South Sudan

“When I was a girl, I lived in South Sudan.

My father died when I was small. He was a soldier and he was killed when he was fighting. I am one of six children, being the number three.

When my father was shot, we ran to Kenya with my mother. We went to Kakuma Refugee Camp [where Australian Lutherans help people through ALWS – Ed.]. We stayed there for seven years. They took care of us in the camp. I went to school up to Class 5 and learnt English there.

When I was in the camp, I married my husband. He was South Sudanese, so we came back here to South Sudan.

I was 15 years old when I had my first child. My husband wouldn’t give me anything to help take care of that baby. Then he started drinking. I have three children, but their father is a drunken man, and he ran away four years ago. He is now living in Juba with another woman.

My children are living with my mother in Uganda. They are going to school there.

I thank God that I’m still alive and that my children are alive.

Our country is still fighting. I want to stay in my country, but with no fighting. 

I am happy because God opened a way for me.

Learning how to cook injera, chappati, Mendazzi, and how to make tea, is good. I’m doing business to help my kids, but I still feel it is hard. You need capital to start a proper business.

I am making tea, but I have to pay a lot for a bag of sugar and, sometimes, I have to borrow and then try to pay back. I also need to pay for the rent of the room.

I’m hoping I can make this business, because, when it’s yours, then your money doesn’t run away from you!

I would like my children to be happy, to be in school and to give them good food. If I send money for them to go to school, then they can come and help me.

I say thank you to God for the donors. It is wonderful to run my little business. If my business keeps going then I can buy oil, chairs and tables.

Your kindness is helping to take me up.”

Interview with Julie Krause, January 2020. Julie is very happy to visit your church or fellowship group to share more stories with you.

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