Face to Face becomes Messages of Hope

“Work has started to become very stressful as the pressure is on, I get married in 3 and a half weeks and I have just taken on my step daughter full time (my partner works fly in fly out).”
– (A response to one of your Messages of Hope)

Reaching out to people with the good news of Jesus Christ is our united call from God. Media gives us opportunities to share that good news with millions of people.

Lutheran Media has been sharing the good news through radio since 1945 with many people coming to believe in Jesus Christ. You may remember speakers such as Dr Walter A. Maier and Dr Oswald Hoffmann. In 1978, The Lutheran Hour was Australianised and became Face to Face in 1983. You may have listened to Rev Dr Lance Steicke and Rev Richard Mau.

In 2014, the tag line “Messages of Hope” was added to Face to Face and we discovered that people were searching for Messages of Hope. So we met the people where they were at and changed from Face to Face to Messages of Hope.

The results so far have been amazing. More people than ever are looking for hope. Real hope that helps them cope with life’s challenges and, more importantly, offers them eternal life in Jesus Christ. They are searching online and are finding your messagesofhope.org.au and messagesofhope.org.nz.

More radio stations are playing Messages of Hope, such as radio stations throughout New Zealand including their number one radio station. Popular radio stations in Australia are also playing your Messages of Hope including the ACE radio network, Flow FM, Resonate radio stations, SEN, and many community and Christian radio stations. More than 800 radio stations play your Messages of Hope and reach out to millions of people every week.

All of this has only been possible due to the support of Lutheran Women. Your prayers, encouragement and donations have made a big impact to many people through Australia, New Zealand and the World.

Please continue to pray for your Lutheran Media and the people we meet through radio, internet and social media.

Thank you,

About the Author

Richard Fox

Pastor Richard is the director of Lutheran Media. Find out more via the following links... lutheranmedia.org.au messagesofhope.org.au messagesofhope.org.nz happyland.com.au

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