End of Year Breakup Fun with Warrnambool Ladies Guild

With a room full of laughter and happy faces, the Guild ladies and the Men’s fellowship of Trinity Lutheran Church, Warrnambool, held a combined annual breakup function on December 7th – a dinner and Dutch Auction. Pre-dinner drinks and nibbles preceded barbecued sausages and hamburgers with yummy salads. Dessert was the ever-popular fruit salad and ice cream.

A decorated Christmas tree stood against the wall with brightly wrapped gifts that everyone had brought, piled around its base in readiness for the auction. Tables were set and decorated with candles and jars of Christmas baubles and, in the background, Christmas carol music was being played, adding to the festive spirit.

With Pastor Mat Ker as the auctioneer, ably assisted by his ‘elves’ Kaye and Ross, the auction began, interspersed between the main course and dessert, carol singing and entertaining items. Audible and serious bids were challenged by the blink of someone’s eye, another wriggling in his seat, someone coughing and, even, for not putting in a bid at all! Successful bids were recorded by the treasurer who, incidentally, had positioned herself by the front door – no chance of leaving without paying!

It was an evening of fun, joy, mirth and hearty singing but also an evening with another purpose. All the money raised from the door entrance and Dutch Auction was donated to the ALWS Gifts of Grace, a total of $890. Already, members are looking forward to this year’s breakup function – an evening of fundraising fun.

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