I had seen her at school, spoken to her and found out her name was Elsie.

Elsie on her Baptism Day

She was eight years old and the new girl in town. Then one fine Sunday morning, in November 2018, Elsie turned up for church at 9 am with her friend Ly’xali. As they were the only two children there that Sunday, we made them feel very welcome and special. They stayed and participated in the service wherever they could. At this service, Elsie said she had never been to any church before.

The following Sunday Elsie came on her own; we gave her the same special treatment. The next Sunday the same. She realised Christmas was coming and asked if she could be in the children’s program. Praise the Lord!

She came to the Christmas service and brought her mother. It so happened that we had a baptism on Christmas Eve. That was the second baptism she had seen.

Immediately after the service, Elsie came up to me and asked if she could be baptised. We spoke to her mother about this and she agreed, if that’s what Elsie wanted.

Then on 10 February a near tragic car accident! Elsie was hurt – suspected brain damage – and rushed to Townsville hospital. We thank God for her full recovery.

Then surprise, surprise! A phone call to arrange Elsie’s baptism for 24 February. All was planned, and all went ahead as arranged.

Elsie has now left Hope Vale as a baptised child of God and gone to live in Weipa. God really does work in mysterious ways to fulfil his will.

In the Mighty Name of Jesus

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David Spanagel

After spending most of his life serving the church in a lay capacity, David, is now the pastor of the people of far North Queensland. Ministering with his wife Pam. David says:’We are enjoying it immensely and thank God for the opportunity constantly’.

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