Devotion, February 2024

A Drink of Water and a Conversation with Jesus

No doubt you have been asked to provide someone with a drink of water. Recall a situation. Who was the person: a child, an adult, a visitor, someone visited, a stranger? When and/or where did this request occur? Did an extended conversation follow?

Read John 4:5–42

Here is a conversation between Jesus and a Samaritan woman. This conversation is more than a mere exchange of words.

Jesus, who is weary from his journey is sitting beside Jacob’s well. A Samaritan woman approaches to draw water. Their meeting is unconventional, as Samaritans and Jews were known to have deep-seated bitterness. However, Jesus goes beyond all barriers by asking the woman for a simple drink of water.The woman, surprised by Jesus’ request, questions him. In response, Jesus speaks of “living water”, a spiritual concept that symbolises eternal life. The woman, not understanding this, asks from where Jesus can obtain this living water. Here, their conversation moves from the physical to the spiritual.

As the conversation progresses, Jesus reveals his knowledge of the woman’s past. He does this to demonstrate that he knows her on a deep level. This revelation leads the woman to recognise Jesus as a prophet, but she still struggles to grasp the spiritual depth of his words.

The woman then acknowledges that the Messiah is coming, the one who will explain all things. To her astonishment, Jesus responds, “I am he”. This powerful announcement marks a turning point in their conversation.

The woman then leaves her water jar behind, a symbol of her worldly concerns, and rushes to share the news of her encounter with the townspeople. She proclaims Jesus as the Messiah and invites them to come and see for themselves. Through her testimony, many Samaritans come to believe in Jesus, and the conversation at the well transforms an entire community.

This conversation between Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well also prompts us, that, in our own lives, we can have deep, life-changing conversations with Jesus. When we are drawn to him through the Holy Spirit, we can experience the transformative power of his love, forgiveness, and grace, leading us to share the good news with others, just as the Samaritan woman did. In doing so, we become “vessels of living water, bringing spiritual refreshment to a thirsty world”.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for your unending mercy and grace. Continue to guide me on my spiritual journey. Give me the courage to witness and testify about your love and grace to those I encounter. In the name of Jesus, who is the living water and the way to eternal life. Amen.

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Margaret Pfitzner

Margaret, recently retired from a rich career in education, is now discovering life outside of schools. Currently, she is an extra member on the LWWA executive. Margaret has an interest in engaging in small groups, exploring our country via car and caravan, and re-engaging playing the piano after some 60 years.

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