Devotion – April, 2022

Your Kingdom Come

Have you ever come across something which seemed very simple and clear only to find, as you continued, it became more intricate and complex? Think of an invitation, a job offer, a dress pattern, a recipe, knitting instructions, even a marriage proposal. They all start very simply, just a few words or a picture to get your focus. Then, WOW, as you proceed further, they open up in a whole new unexpected way.

The Second Petition of the Lord’s Prayer starts very simply as we pray just three words ‘Your Kingdom come’, and this request comes without our praying for it. Here in these words, we ask that it come to each of us.

Then they explode as we hear Jesus preach the Good News, The Kingdom of God is near! Repent of your sins and believe the Good News. Mark 1:15 (NLT). His death and resurrection pay the price for the whole world to become members of the Kingdom of God by believing in this gift of grace. And what is God’s grace? It is his free gift of love which we have done nothing to deserve.

How wonderful, yet how awkward to explain. How difficult to comprehend, yet how simple. Here comes another exciting gift. Jesus has gone back to heaven, but here on earth the Holy Spirit is still working. He reveals all the truths of God’s Holy Word, brings unbelievers to faith, affirms the faith of all believers, and gives them life in all its fullness.

This is God’s kingdom of Grace. Don’t keep it hidden. Do whatever you can to share it.

It’s New Year’s Eve and you’re watching the fireworks light up the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The brilliance and complexity of this display can be breath taking. It is nothing compared to the way the Holy Spirit works in our lives and keeps us faithful, so that we may join all believers in God’s Kingdom of Glory, our heavenly home. This Kingdom of Glory surpasses any firework display we have ever seen and lasts forever.

What I’ve written so far has been positive and upbeat. Life is not always like that. What happens when we can’t find that job, craft projects are unfinished disasters, COVID keeps us at home, and the marriage proposal never materialises. The fireworks are out, and our days are filled with sadness and suffering.

Keep praying. Our God’s kingdom still comes and will come until Jesus returns. All his promises are true. Come Lord Jesus, Come.

AOK 329 Words and music Geoff Bullock

Jesus, God’s righteousness revealed,
The Son of man, the Son of God, his kingdom comes
Jesus, redemption’s sacrifice now glorified, now justified,
his kingdom comes.
Jesus, the expression of God’s love,
the grace of God, the word of God revealed to us;
Jesus, God’s holiness displayed, now glorified, now justified,
his kingdom comes.

And this kingdom will know no end
And its glory shall know no bounds,
for the majesty and power of this kingdom’s king has come.
And this kingdom’s reign and this kingdom’s rule
And this kingdom’s power and authority –
Jesus, God’s righteousness revealed.

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Pam Oster

After 52 years living in the same house in Prospect SA, I have moved to Naracoorte, to be near my family, with the option of Queensland holidays to visit my other family. I have a beautiful unit overlooking the town and across the road from the Lutheran Church. I have survived the first of Naracoorte’s freezing winters, been warmly welcomed by my new church family, slotted into music, KYB, Ladies Guild, and am enjoying the country walks. As a retired teacher, I enjoy reading, writing, spoiling my grandchildren and catching up with old and new friends. While I am alone, I’m not lonely. God has moved me from one happy home to another and my dearest is resting in his heavenly home. God give you joy!

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