A woman sits with her head on her hand, she appears to be depressed, looking for hope.

Dealing with Depression

I’m a really proud person. I don’t want to think I’m mentally ill. What I’ve realised is when you become unable to function, when you can’t work out the next step of the day, then that’s a sign, for me, of depression. Rosemary.

One in seven Australians will experience depression in their lifetime. (ABS National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing). Rosemary is one of them. Rosemary’s family had a history of depression, but she was determined for it not to happen to her. But with tragic moments in her life, came times of great sadness.

When I had miscarriages, when a friend of mine suicided, I went into times of great sadness. Then those times seemed to just sort of hang around. I think it was the breakup of my marriage which made me realise no, this is serious, because I became almost paralysed.

Thankfully God was there to help Rosemary. Through a friend, psychiatrist, and faith in Jesus Christ, including attending church, Rosemary manages her depression.

I hope to be happier than I am. I hope to have those things that I don’t at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love me, that God doesn’t look at me and go, you’re fantastic, you’re really precious. Just because I don’t feel that doesn’t mean that it’s not so.

Depression doesn’t discriminate. Even Martin Luther suffered from depression and people in the church today also suffer. Usually the first booklet to disappear from a Lutheran Media display is the “Dealing with Depression” booklet. People ask, “I believe in Jesus and know he loves and forgives me so how come I feel so depressed?”

There are many causes and forms of depression such as anxiety, grief, and loneliness and it is wise to seek help. Rosemary found comfort in reading the Psalms, visited a psychiatrist and relied on caring Christian friends for support. There are also organisations that can help such as Beyond Blue, Black Dog Institute and many others such as Lifeline.

Lutheran Media has a booklet called “Dealing with Depression” which you can order or download at www.messagesofhope.org.au/depression. You can listen to more of Rosemary’s story there too. There are short videos made from the radio messages at www.messagesofhope.org.au/mental-health. There is even information about what you might be able to say or do, including asking “are you ok?” and listening, to someone who is suffering from depression.

Thankfully we have peace in Jesus Christ and no matter how sad and depressed we feel, God loves us and is there with us. Even in our darkest and loneliest times, God is with us and sees us as his precious child. And God gives us each other to listen, care and support.

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