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Busy Hands and Thankful Hearts

In 2019, Lutheran Women had an article from Bethlehem Ladies Fellowship, Wagga Wagga, NSW, telling a story about their Care & Share craft group, a large amount of yarn they had, had been donated and their dilemma at what to do with it all. Here is a story of how busy hands have used the gifts they were given in goods and talents, and how many have benefited.

Our craft group at Bethlehem church in Wagga Wagga, Care & Share, received a large donation of knitting yarn nearly two years ago and we were definitely concerned that we might never get through it! However, with determination, busy needles and the Lord’s help, we have now donated 1,070 items to the homeless and hospital.

A pile of hand-knitted beanies are shown on a timber table top.

Above: A few of the 100 beanies. Top image: The yarn that arrived in 2018.

We have knitted or crocheted rugs, toys, children’s clothing, and beanies for all ages. “Premmie” baby sets and 100 beanies for children and adults were recently requested by the local public hospital. It seems that they never have enough beanies and bootees for the tiniest babies, for children with cancer and adults undergoing dialysis, to keep all those heads warm! Our needles have “clicked” and our hooks have “hooked” and … we have now been offered another large supply of yarn!

Most of the “new lot” is odd balls or part balls, which is keeping our brains ticking over for ideas of how to make the best use of our gifts.

We are also blessed to receive donations of fabric and some haberdashery items, so our keen sewing enthusiasts are encouraged to create quilts, clothing, bags and toys for the needy, too.

Care & Share participants get together in our church hall on Wednesday mornings for a cuppa and a ‘show and tell’ session of what we’ve achieved during the week at home. At the same time, the needles continue to click! Care & Share is not a large group, and with one member leaving Wagga recently and several others dealing with health issues, we sometimes feel we struggle, but we thank God for caring for all of us and helping us to look after others as best we can. We see Care & Share as an opportunity to get together for fellowship, to share and support each other as sisters in Christ, and to enjoy those crafts we love doing, knowing that they have a worthwhile purpose. Being able to give so many items to those in need in our local community is a double blessing.

Our prayer is that we can continue to do our ‘work’ in his name.

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