Bible Study – November 2023

Chasing Rainbows

In 1996 the Britpop band “Shed Seven” sang a song I loved, called “Chasing Rainbows”. I remembered that song a while ago, when noticing rainbows and looking for them in “rainbow weather” became something that we derived great encouragement from as a family in a time of trials. Before I go any further, I want to explore what the rainbow means to us when we see it. Then we will then explore how it can enrich our study of faithfulness as a fruit of the Spirit.

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Bible Study – October 2023

We lead such busy lives – slowing down and appreciating God’s faithfulness and our own response is a challenge we may not even have on our list. We may be more likely to take our list to the Lord in prayer – running short on praise, admiration, or deep connection with our faithful God. Today we will slow down, focus on him and his faithfulness and cultivate the fruit in our own lives.

Bible Study – May, 2023

“Blue mind” is a growing area of scientific research looking at what happens to our minds and bodies when we are in, or near, water. I immediately connected with “peace like a river”. Most of us can probably relate to finding psychological benefits to being near water. I find being near the beach is a wonderful sensory and calming experience, and I can relate to the research. Perhaps we don’t need research to tell us these things. Our Creator God knows it – because he made it all.

Let’s look at some different images from Scripture that begin to give us a glimpse and a beginning of the understanding of the peace of God.

Bible Study – April 2023

Joy: Identifying and living with the fruit of the Spirit Joy is a fruit of the Spirit. We will begin by looking at the background to the well-known Fruit of the Spirit passage. We teach songs to Sunday school children, we can maybe list off the fruit – but let’s go back to the “root” of this scripture and use the analogy to really explore what it means to have the joy of the Lord …

The Lord’s Prayer: Teach us how to pray – Bible Study, August 2022

Who taught you how to pray?

Are there any people you can name as mentors/influential in your prayer life?

Do you remember learning the Lord’s Prayer?

How have you prayed it over the years?

What happens in your mind as you pray it in our weekly liturgy?

If your church does not use liturgy regularly, do you still use this prayer? Why or why not?

Think more about prayer with this Bible Study by Sal Huckel …

The Bible - the word of God

Bible Study – November 2021

Proverbs 31 Part 2: “Influencer”! Go back over the “qualities list” you made in our last study on Proverbs 31, or if you did not complete last month’s study, read Proverbs 31 and note down a list of qualities that stand out to you, or underline words in the chapter in your Bible. Ask the Lord to speak to you to highlight gently any qualities you are lacking or may have lost, as these current …

The Bible - the word of God

Bible Study – October 2021

Not her again!

Whilst one could critique the idea of studying “The Wife of Noble Character” for what could be the umpteenth time in Women’s Bible studies. What if we reconsider our preconceptions of her as a model wife, we all romanticise and (is it me?) fail in epic proportions to achieve? Is she the demure holy wife one only reads about and will never become? As always, the Word of God is living and active (Hebrews 4:12). So, we pray now for the Holy Spirit to inspire our reading and consideration of this often-misapplied chapter, understood by many to be a poem about Wisdom herself.

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