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As December 2020 draws to a close, perhaps you will, as I will, be drawing in a collective sigh of relief. It has not been an easy year. The year of COVID-19. One we will not soon forget.

We can also ponder in our hearts, as Mary did over baby Jesus, the loss to many families that came in 2020. Perhaps you shared the loss of a loved one this year, or perhaps you rejoiced, like the angels in heaven did over the birth of a Saviour, when a new family member arrived.

I rejoiced this year when my first grandchild arrived in August 2020, a beautiful granddaughter to love, cherish and praise God for. Our families are God-given. He gives to us, each and every member of our family to share a special and unbreakable bond with.

During COVID lockdowns, many families had time to isolate together. For the most part, it was a special time to re-acquaint with each other and share time together they otherwise would never have been able to do.

We are all members of God’s family; our eternal home is Heaven where each of us will finally meet our Saviour at the end of our earthly lives. God, our Heavenly Father, lovingly cares for us and our families each day. As our earthly fathers care for our bodily needs here, our Creator God cares for our spiritual needs and hears our constant prayers – every word, cry, and tearful request.

He loves our laughter and joy with prayer also. 

Our church families also saw some changes this year. There was a time of separation. Praise God some of us can now meet safely again. However, families can never really be apart because of love which lives in our hearts and through Jesus and the faith we share.

Let us uplift, support, and encourage each other when we join in prayer to our Heavenly Father. This keeps us together as a family, just as in our own homes with our nearest and dearest families.

Main photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

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Angela Ziersch

Angela is treasurer for Lutheran Women of Western Australia

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