ALWS – How a house, you helped build, brought a heart full of joy

“My mum and my dad both grew up on farms. So, every school holiday I got to be hissed at by grumpy geese, plopped on by cows I was trying to milk, and shirt-fronted by rams annoyed at being penned for shearing. I also got to see lots of humble, hands-on hard work. Sunrise to sunset, no matter what the weather.” I see that same kind of humble, hands-on hard work in what Lutheran women do to help people through ALWS. What I hope will encourage you is that the …

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About the Author

Jonathan Krause

Jonathan is the Community Action Manager for Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS). If you’d like ALWS to visit your Fellowship or Church, and share stories with you, and show the Sewing Group video, just ask! Call 1300 763 407 (local call rates apply from with Australia) or email