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Recently, I attended the funeral of my aunt and, although I was very fond of her, and a sad occasion, it was a wonderful day reminiscing about her friendly, generous nature. She was always ready to have a cup of tea with a visitor or visit with those less able. Stories of her hospitality were in every conversation. 

The reason I mention these things is that she was a woman who knew who she was. She was a child of God. She knew that God loved her, accepted her, saved her. Because she knew these things, she was eager to share this love with others. It made me stop and think about how I do that – if I do that. Am I so grateful to God for his love and forgiveness, that I overflow with wanting to tell others about him? 

I don’t have to have the gift of hospitality as my aunt did, but I only have to be willing to talk with whomever God puts before me each day. Ask them how their day is going, listen to the answer, and, as the saying goes, they will know we are Christians by our love. 

Take time to care.

Lutheran Women of NSW President, Charmain Lieschke in the LWNSW Newsletter August 2019.

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