90 Years of St Luke’s Nambour Women’s Fellowship 1929 – 2019

Sunday afternoon 7 April 1929, a group of ladies met in the Nambour Town Park and resolved to form a Ladies’ Mission Guild. The first meeting was held at the manse on 10 May and was attended by 10 members. Pastor FH Schmidt was elected President. Over the years, the ladies have made considerable contributions to many projects and equipment acquisitions for the congregation. In addition, they have supported numerous mission and needy causes overseas and in Australia. Also supporting the projects of Lutheran Women of Australia.

In 1969, a group of six: Mr and Mrs Con Dates; Mr and Mrs Alec Jackson; Mr Alwyn Stollznow and one other, ventured to Etep in New Guinea and built an Administration building for the leprosy mission there, which was much appreciated by the Matron at the time. The friendship made there lasted many years. Phyllis Jackson corresponded with the Matron until her death. A child born, at the time the group was there, was named Alec after Alec Jackson. Alec sent a birthday card and money to this baby until he thought the “baby Alec” was in his teenage years and stopped sending the card. Alas, a letter came back asking, “Where was his card and money?”

Week by week, the ladies tended to the cleaning and supplying and arranging of the flowers for worship services. They were always there to make the cuppas at working bees and cater for church functions from time to time. Always doing their finest work, with their heart and hands, using the gifts God gave each one of them.

The day of 7 April 1979 saw the celebration of 50 years with afternoon tea, at which Pastor FH Schmidt was the guest speaker. Pastor Schmidt, who went on to be President of LCA Qld District, served Nambour 1928 – 1932. He married Erica Zander in 1932. With Erica being a member of Nambour, Pastor Schmidt always had a special family bond with Nambour.

St Luke’s Fellowship mornings of Ecumenical gatherings, with a guest speaker from the Bible Society, each year were well attended and looked forward to with other fellowships from all around the Sunshine Coast. St Luke’s ladies excelled with their baking skills and a well-stocked trading table was a feature. Money raised each year was donated to the work of the Bible Society.

Unfortunately, age and losing a number to ill health, death, and the COVID year has forced the ladies to make the decision to close as members of LWQ and LWA. Just a gathering for a cuppa to keep in touch now, is the hard decision they have made. After many years of faithful and dedicated service to LWQ and LWA, past members must be applauded for their commitment to the aims and projects of Women’s Fellowship, and for a job well done. Many wonderful and lasting memories have been shared over the years.

Proverbs 31:31 Give her the reward she has earned, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.

Written by Pam Flesser, whose mother was a member of St Luke’s Nambour.

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